Artist Feature

Detroit artist Andy Malone is known for his intricately hand-crafted woodworks featuring kinetic movement and analog technologies with a thoughtful practice of viewer engagement.

Ahead of his art-making demonstrations at the DIA on April 3 & 14, Malone sat down and answered a few questions for us about his art and what we should expect.

DIA: How would you describe your art to others? 

AM:I create interactive kinetic pieces, collaborative drawing mechanisms and sculptural abstract strategy games.

DIA: Why do you make art? 

AM: I make art to tell stories and encourage interaction. 

DIA: What piece of the DIA's collection stands out to you? 

AM: The absurdist and witty games by George Brecht. I am also a big fan of Romare Beardon and I have great memories of playing at the foot of the Calder sculpture when I was a child.

DIA: What can visitors to your artist demonstration look forward to? 

AM: We are going to play short abstract strategy games and create collaborative drawings.

DIA: What's your favorite place to go in Detroit? 

AM: I can't choose between the Guardian Building, Cass Cafe, John K. King Books or Zoot's Coffee (I'm dating myself.)

Video courtesy of the artist.

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