Gerard ter Borch's works often hint at romantic subject matter, but they are always understated and decorous. In this painting, the figure of the woman is not fully dressed. A lace collar would have covered her upper chest, and so the scene, while it appears perfectly proper to the modern viewer, was probably considered tastefully intimate in its own day. Ter Borch was particularly skilled in the depiction of textiles and the luxury items of the wealthy Dutch bourgeoisie.
Artist Gerard ter Borch, Dutch, 1617-1681
  • Lady at Her Toilette
Date ca. 1660
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions Unframed: 30 × 23 1/2 inches (76.2 × 59.7 cm)
Framed: 44 inches × 37 5/8 inches × 3 1/4 inches (111.8 × 95.6 × 8.3 cm)
Credit Line Founders Society Purchase, Eleanor Clay Ford Fund, General Membership Fund, Endowment Income Fund and Special Activities Fund
Accession Number 65.10
Department European Painting
On View Dutch Golden Age S380, Level 3 (see map)
Signed Signed, upper left, on mantle: GTB (the G, T and B form a monogram)
collection Pieter van Winter (Amsterdam, Netherlands).
1797, Louvre (Paris, France);
1802, Chateau Saint Cloud (Saint-Cloud, France);
1833, Collection Willems (Frankfurt am-Main, Germany);
1836, Collection Lionel de Rothschild (London, England);
collection Sir Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild (London, England);
collection Lord Alfred Rothschild (London, England);
daughter of Lord Rothschild, Collection Mrs. Clive Behrens;
son-in-law of Mrs. Behrens, Collection Major P. E. C. Harris (London, England);
1965, dealer, Rosenberg & Stiebel (New York, New York, USA);
1965-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
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