Artist after Jacob Isaaksz van Ruisdael, Dutch, 1628 or 1629-1682
  • Landscape with a Farm House and Windmill
Date 17th century or possibly later
Medium Oil on oak panel
Dimensions Unframed: 12 5/8 × 13 3/4 inches (32.1 × 34.9 cm)
Framed: 20 3/4 × 21 3/4 × 3 inches (52.7 × 55.2 × 7.6 cm)
Credit Line Bequest of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Whitcomb
Accession Number 53.352
Department European Painting
Not On View
1816, collection of General R. de Verdier (Paris, France);
March 13, 1816, auction de Verdier at (Laneuville, Paris, France), lot 70.
1829, possibly collection of M. Saportas (Amsterdam, Netherlands).
collection Chaplin (London, England).
May 14, 1832, auction Abraham Saportas at (de Vries, Amsterdam, Netherlands), lot 83;
purcahsed by Brondgeest.
possibly 1873, (Galerie Sedelmeyer, Paris, France).
collection of Max Kann [or Kahn] (Paris, France);
March 3, 1879, auction M. Kann [or Kahn] at (Drouot, Paris, France), lot 57.
by 1920 [possibly 1910], (F. Kleinberger, Paris, France), inv. 8392;
January 26, 1920, purchased by Moscow and Wiesbaden, Collection Ludwig Mandl.
July 10, 1923, auction (Fr. Muller, Amsterdam, Netherlands), lot. 128.
by November 1923, (F. Kleinberger, Paris, France and New York, New York, USA);
January 30, 1925, purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Edgar B. Whitcomb (Detroit, Michigan, USA);
1953-present, bequest to the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
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