This goddess figure, called a yogini, is both alluring and ferocious. Her body bends gracefully, yet a snake winds around her torso. Her club and shield signal she is ready to protect—or attack. This sculpture once stood in a temple alongside others depicting many yoginis, each with unique powers and attributes. Together they embodied Shakti, the all-powerful goddess believed by many Hindus to be the creative force of the universe.
Artist Indian
  • Yogini
Date late 9th - mid 10th century
Medium Pyroxene gabbro
Dimensions Overall: 46 × 29 × 20 inches, 918 pounds (116.8 × 73.7 × 50.8 cm, 416.4 kg)
Credit Line Founders Society Purchase, L. A. Young Fund
Accession Number 57.88
Department Asian Art
On View Indian and Southeast Asian Art N150, Level 1 (see map)
1957-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
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