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Rivera Court

DIA At Home | Writing & Discussion Activities

Engage students of all ages with these three fun and easy-to-use gallery activities. Use the suggested images, which can be searched for at dia.org, or use your own images!
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DIA At Home | Family Art Project: Neighborhood Collage

Creating a piece of art from smaller pieces of paper, fabric, or other objects is known as collage. American artist Romare Bearden, developed his unique approach to collage in the 1960s, as seen in his 1971 "Stamping Ground."
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DIA At Home | Art-Making: Stabiles

Alexander Calder named his stationary construction “stabiles.” Let’s make a free-standing geometric sculpture inspired by Calder’s "Young Woman and Her Suitors," a giant stabile on the DIA lawn.
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Detroit Collects Scavenger Hunt

Students use this Scavenger Hunt to explore and make personal connections to the Detroit Collects exhibition.
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Terra cotta busts of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, made in the 18th century by Jean-Antoine Houdon

The Impact of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington

Using Jean-Antoine Houdon’s portraits of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, students will explore the life stories of these figures to deepen their understanding of the importance of individual political and social contributions during the American Revolutionary period.
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