Join a rich history of business investment

Business leaders have a long history as the driving force behind the establishment of our cultural organizations, supporting and strengthening the arts. Since its inception, the DIA has been nurtured by civic-minded business leaders we invite you to take part in this history of generous support that has allowed the DIA to grow into one of our country's preeminent fine arts museums.

Historic business leaders such as Ralph Harman Booth, James E. Scripps, Dexter M. Ferry, (senior and junior), Joseph L. Hudson, Theodore D. Buhl, Robert H. Tannahill and Edsel and Eleanor Ford understood that a vibrant cultural life is vital to attracting new talent. Your business support strengthens and extends the foundation built by these benefactors and helps ensure the continuation of an institution essential to the progress of our community.

We invite you to establish a partnership with the DIA and join in our mission to secure the museum’s legacy and ensure a prosperous future for our entire region.

To become a corporate partner:

Call 313.494.5233 or email